Monday, January 10, 2011

1/10/11 RAW

Alberto Del Rio vs. R-Truth: N/A (I refuse to rate this "match")

Daniel Bryan & Mark Henry vs. Ted DiBiase & Tyson Kidd: *

John Morrison vs. King Sheamus: ***

Randy Orton & Jerry Lawler vs. The Miz & Alex Riley: *1/2

My thoughts on Shawn Michaels being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame? He definitely deserves it, that's for sure. It was never a question on if he would get in, but only when. I'm not totally on the bandwagon that it should have been this early (doesn't hurt to wait a year or so more), but it should at least get some more buys in for WM when all the inductees are announced again (the HOF ceremony is the night before on free TV and HBK will almost surely be the featured inductee).

I would have preferred to have all the "lesser-known" names or old-timers mentioned first, as a note.

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