Tuesday, August 31, 2010

8/31/10 NXT (Season 2 Finale)

Alex Riley vs. Kaval vs. Michael McGillicutty: **1/4

Here are the final official NXT finalist rookie's records as of 8/31/10:
Michael McGillicutty: 6-4
Alex Riley: 5-4
Kaval: 3-6

Alex Riley was eliminated halfway through the episode. Great promo going out.

McGillicutty and Kaval had about a minute to tell the other why the speaker will be the winner of NXT. Both went over time. Kaval appeared to do much better than McGillicutty on this, in my book. Of course, heel Cole complained that Alex Riley was eliminated and had to listen to McGillicutty.

Then it was time to reveal the winner of Season 2:

Congratulations to KAVAL for winning NXT Season 2 and becoming the WWE's next breakout star! He will get a championship match at a PPV of his choosing in the future.

I thought the beatdown from all the other Season 2 rookies was interesting, since it had similarities to Nexus' beatdown of John Cena and others. Wonder if Nexus could gain some new members....

NXT Season 3 debuts next week! An all-Rookie Divas version!
Kelly Kelly (pro) --> Naomi Knight (rookie)
Alicia Fox (pro) --> Maxine (rookie)
Goldust (pro) --> Aksana (rookie)
Bella Twins (pro) --> Jamie Keyes (rookie)
Primo(pro) --> A.J. Lee (rookie)
Vickie Guerrero (pro) --> Aloisia (rookie)

And yes, Aloisia is the much-talked-about 6'9" Diva WWE signed. Looking forward to seeing this.

Aksana is from Lithuania and, in several photos online, looks very similar to Trish Stratus.

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