Tuesday, August 10, 2010

8/10/10 NXT

Kaval, Percy Watson, & Lucky Cannon vs. Alex Riley, Husky Harris, & Michael McGillicutty: *3/4

The Miz vs. John Morrison: **1/2

Here are the official NXT rookie's records as of 8/10/10:
Michael McGillicutty: 6-2
Husky Harris: 4-3
Alex Riley: 3-3
Percy Watson: 3-3
Lucky Cannon: 3-5
Kaval: 2-5

NOTE: Alex Riley won the "Power of the Punch" challenge and will get an individual appearance on Monday Night RAW next week. The Miz may be a reality TV star, but Alex Riley is a star in reality. I loved that.

The challenge was lame -- predictably so. McGillicutty and Riley were the only two to really do well at all. Did they really have to make it so Kaval would kick the bag to get DQ'd? Lucky Cannon punched like a girl, and Husky Harris nearly whiffed on his try. Unreal.

Results of the second NXT Poll:
Michael McGillicutty
Percy Watson
Husky Harris
Alex Riley
Lucky Cannon (eliminated)

Kaval at #1 because of the fans. Of course, the win this week helped as well.

McGillicutty drops a spot to #2. I think he still is decent, so this is about right.

Percy Watson at #3 probably because of the fans. Great athleticism, so perhaps that impresses the pros.

Husky Harris at #4. He's doing very well, so I agree with this. He could even be a spot higher, in my book.

Alex Riley at #5 surprised me a bit, and is likely due to the fans hating him.

Lucky Cannon was finally eliminated after a 3-5 record. While he had a better win-loss record than Kaval, he was very poor on the mic, and not even a few high-flying moves in the last couple of days could save him. I 100 percent agree with this elimination.

And Matt Striker drops a bombshell...next week is a DOUBLE elimination week! After next week's show, we will have just three rookies left.

Who I'd like to see in the final three:

Kaval: Easily the most talented of the NXT crop. You really can't go wrong with a Warrior gimmick, right? The fans love him, and if you turn him loose in a match, it will be main-event quality for sure. The only thing holding him back is the mic skills. And if it means more screen time for Laycool, then yes, please.

Husky Harris: He's impressed me on the mic and can move pretty well for a large man. The WWE higher-ups like him, and I can see why. I like the "Built like an Army Tank with a Ferrari Engine" catchphrase.

Alex Riley: He has a great look and a pretty good gimmick of Varsity Villain. He talks well on the mic and shows confidence in everything he does. Definitely has the "it" factor on looks, and only needs to wow me with his moveset.

As for the others...Michael McCillicutty has a great win-loss record on NXT, the pedigree (third-generation star), and a good look, but I just cannot see him going at it alone for the time being. I can't really put my finger on it...it's just not there right now for me.

I must give Percy Watson credit. He's incredibly athletic and is trying his best to make his "Showtime" gimmick work. However, he talks way too fast for me and again, I cannot see him past midcard status at this point.

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