Tuesday, August 17, 2010

8/17/10 NXT

Zack Ryder vs. Michael McGillicutty: *

Kaval vs. Husky Harris: *1/2

Kofi Kingston vs. Alex Riley: 3/4*

Here are the official NXT rookie's records as of 8/17/10:
Michael McGillicutty: 6-3
Husky Harris: 4-4
Percy Watson: 3-3
Alex Riley: 3-4
Kaval: 3-5

NOTE: Alex Riley won the "Power of the Punch" challenge last week. Apparently he did get his appearance on RAW -- he got to help Miz lay out Daniel Bryan and put Miz over as a great pro.

Talking challenge:
Percy Watson (3-D): Basically, he stole Kurt Angle's "3 Is." Not too original at all. C

Alex Riley (Alex Riley): I thought he did the best here. Great promo, but again, the only complaint is that he went over time. I think Riley is the best talker left in NXT, with McGillicutty a close second. B

Michael McGillicutty (His competition): Also pretty good, although I think he really bordered on what not to do (why he should not be eliminated). He basically said why he should win NXT. B-

Kaval (Behind every great man is a great woman): Nice rhyming, and the way he put over LayCool was great. I marked when he finished with "Total Nonstop Action." That was just awesome, and I can't believe WWE let him get away with that. Unfortunately, his bass voice hurts him here because it affects how passionate he is in promos. B-

Husky Harris (Cowboy boots): That really did not make much sense. D

Results of the third NXT Poll:
No actual poll; Percy Watson was eliminated. He's athletic and should be given props for running with his gimmick. In the end, it just was not meant to be. He showed class in going out.

Results of the fourth NXT Poll:
No actual poll; Husky Harris was eliminated. I was pretty shocked with this elimination, although it's clear the WWE Universe played a huge part in this.Of course, we needed to have that brawl at the end as Husky goes out a sore loser.

So the final three is Alex Riley, Michael McGillicutty, and Kaval. Who will win NXT Season 2 and be the WWE's next breakout star?

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