Sunday, January 18, 2009

Paul London/Akio feud

Their feud on Velocity from December 2004 to the early part of 2005 produced four very good matches. And to think, this was on Velocity, a show that doesn't even air anymore and was usually for the boring crap. There were more matches between the two, but these four that I watched with a friend really impressed me.

12/4/04: Paul London vs. Akio: **1/4 (London took a SICK bump, landing on his head.)

1/15/05: Akio vs. Paul London: **1/2 (A little longer match; London again lands on his head.)

2/12/05: Paul London vs. Akio: **3/4 (A bit longer match, more back-and-forth action, more moves, and a strong finish. Japanese crowd seemed to love that one.)

3/12/05: Paul London vs. Akio: **3/4 (Pretty much the same description as their previous match, but not in Japan for this one. Great way to finish off this four-match war.)

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