Sunday, January 25, 2009

1/25/09 Royal Rumble

For this PPV, I welcome two special guests to my rating system. Both my guests will provide their own comments to each match and use their own rating system, which I will not go into here since it's so subjective.

For anyone that reads this blog and cares, give it up for my guests, Tom Delgado and Red!

Jack Swagger vs. Matt Hardy (ECW Title)
S2X: **3/4 (Very good opener. Swagger continues to have good matches.)

Tom: *1/2 (Jack Swagger is a talentless hack!)

Red: *** (Pretty good match with some unique moves thrown in there. Jack Swagger looks like he belongs with the big boys. Unfortunatley didn't feel that different than an ECW TV Main Event, but that's not completely bad thing.)

Melina vs. Beth Phoenix (Women's Title)
S2X: ** (Very surprisingly good. Melina's flexibility was put to great use in this match.)

Tom: -3/4* (Good for a Divas match, bad for any other match)

Red: **3/4 (Some good moves from these women, they have nice chemistry. Especially loved the part where Beth forced Melina to kick herself.)

John Cena vs. JBL (World Heavyweight Title)
S2X: ***1/4 (Typical Cena match at a PPV. Great false finishes and nice tension between HBK, Cena, and JBL.)

Tom: ***1/2 (He did not care for the finish, however.)

Red: ***1/2 (A pretty good straight up wrestling match that may be a little above their previous efforts, but what got me hooked on this one was the story. They managed to keep you on your seat the whole match, and now I can't wait to see what happens. I was cheerinng for JBL (for 1 night only), so since Cena won, I would like to start a riot.)

Edge vs. Jeff Hardy (No DQ Match; WWE Title)
S2X: **** (Excellent spots and excitement. The Matt heel turn was outstanding. I cannot wait to see how this brother feud will pan out.)

Tom: **** (Points off for Vickie being Vickie. Props to WWE for thinking of using Matt in this match. Matt v. Jeff at WM much?)

Red: **** (Sad to see Hardy lose the title, but awesome to see Matt turn heel. Can't wait to see what thing brings. Great match by the way.)

Royal Rumble Match (Randy Orton wins)
S2X: ***1/4 (Good picks to have Mysterio and Morrison start. I liked the final four at the end between HHH and Legacy. Excellent spots as always.)

Tom: *** (Did not like Orton winning the Rumble; does not want to see Cena vs. Orton for the millionth time.)

Red: ***3/4 (Started off great, got crowded, slowed down, kept my interest, good finish, good Rumble.)

S2X: ***1/2 (Solid last few matches; Divas match was predictably the weakest one and even that was better than I thought it would be.)

Tom: *** (Did not like Cena and Orton winning matches on the same PPV.)

Red: ***1/2 (Great event that didn't consist of any "trash," but nothing that will probably be a MOTYC in the end.)

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