Monday, March 7, 2011

3/7/11 RAW

Randy Orton vs. David Otunga: 1/2*

Christian vs. Brodus Clay: *

Eve Torres vs. Nikki Bella (Divas Title): 1/4*

Daniel Bryan vs. King Sheamus: N/A

CM Punk vs. R-Truth: *

Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison: *1/2

Sunny gets into the WWE Hall of Fame. I think it's quite well-deserved. Definitely the top diva, in my book, of the mid-90s.

JBL looks real good; been keeping in shape. That whole segment became epic with Austin coming out and being vintage Austin. And Austin is the special ref? Brilliant!

I'm really liking the back-and-forth promos between Rock and Cena. Cena's brought that rapping gimmick back, which I missed so much. Miz is being used quite well here. He does a run-in and does his mic work to garner heel heat. Not much for Miz to do physically, but it's very effective. Whoa, and Miz is using "candy ass" now too because of Rock's involvement in this storyline? Awesome!

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