Tuesday, March 1, 2011

3/1/11 NXT (Season Finale)

Brodus Clay vs. Johnny Curtis: *1/2

Derrick Bateman & Conor O'Brian vs. Byron Saxton & Jacob Novak: *1/4

Here are the final remaining official NXT rookie's records as of 3/1/11:
Conor O'Brian: 4-1
Brodus Clay: 7-3
Derrick Bateman: 4-6
Byron Saxton: 3-7
Johnny Curtis: 3-7
Jacob Novak: 1-3

NXT Winner:
Johnny Curtis wins! From a booking standpoint, it was the right move. Alberto Del Rio does not need the tag titles with his mega push. Apparently, the fans really got behind Curtis at the end. I think he will do fine if given the chance. Same with Brodus Clay. Bateman also has a chance to shine. The others, I don't believe they are ready just yet.

NXT Season 5 was mentioned in passing at the end. It will apparently be like nothing we've ever seen before. We'll see next week.

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