Tuesday, October 5, 2010

10/5/10 NXT

Aksana vs. Maxine: 1/2*

Kaitlyn vs. Vickie Guerrero: -*** (this was an abomination)

Here are the official NXT Rookie Divas' records as of 10/5/10:
Jamie: 2-0
Naomi: 2-0
A.J.: 2-1
Kaitlyn: 2-1
Aksana: 1-2
Maxine: 0-3

Rookie Diva Challenge Wins as of 10/5/10:
A.J.: 3 (Musical Chairs; Talk the Talk; Diss the Divas)
Kaitlyn: 3 (Obstacle Course; Wheelbarrow; Talent Show)
Naomi: 2 (Dancing; Capture the Flag)
Aksana: 1 (Bull Riding)
Jamie: 1 (Joke)
Maxine: 0

NOTE: Kaitlyn and A.J. tied at three challenge wins, and the WWE Universe chose Kaitlyn over A.J. to win immunity. Thus, Kaitlyn was immune from elimination tonight

Bull Riding Challenge Notes:
This was pathetic. Aksana won because she stayed on a mechanical bull (that lost its horns) for almost 18 seconds. Next!

Talent Show Challenge Notes:
OK, this was actually a challenge that I enjoyed. Good talents all around -- or at least good job at getting people to care. Based on talent alone, Aksana's pushups won my vote.

Rookie Diva Elimination:
Jamie was eliminated tonight...she was gracious on the way out. Although she won a challenge and had a 2-0 record, I thought her "character" and talent were practically non-existent; thus the elimination was not too surprising. I think Aksana's talent finally showed big time tonight, which could have helped save her. Maxine was also on the brink, in my book, and I think she doesn't have much longer on the show unless she turns it around.

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