Wednesday, October 27, 2010

10/26/10 NXT

Naomi vs. Maxine: 1/2*

Brie Bella vs. A.J.: 3/4*

Goldust & Aksana vs. Ted DiBiase & Maryse: *1/4

Here are the official remaining NXT Rookie Divas' records as of 10/26/10:
A.J.: 3-2
Naomi: 3-2
Kaitlyn: 2-2
Aksana: 2-3
Maxine: 1-4

Rookie Diva Challenge Wins as of 10/26/10:
Naomi: 3 (Power of the Punch; Who's That Body; Limbo)
A.J.: 1 (Name That Tune)
Kaitlyn: 1 (Costume)
Maxine: 1 (Halloween Candy Eating)
Aksana: 0

NOTE: There is an elimination next week, and the person with the most challenge wins gets immunity.

Costume Challenge Notes:
Kaitlyn was awesome. A.J. was cute. Regarding Naomi, really? The Hamburger Helper Hand?

Halloween Candy Eating Challenge Notes:
Didn't care about this one...yeah.

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