Tuesday, September 7, 2010

9/7/10 NXT (Season 3)

Kelly Kelly & Naomi vs. Alicia Fox & Maxine: 3/4*

Primo & A.J. vs. Goldust & Aksana: -*1/2 (I'd rather watch paint dry)

Here are the official NXT Rookie Divas' records as of 9/7/10:
A.J.: 1-0
Naomi: 1-0
Jamie: 0-0
Kaitlyn: 0-0
Aksana: 0-1
Maxine: 0-1

NOTE: Kaitlyn is Vickie Guerrero's new rookie diva after Aloisia was "fired". And already she is being billed as a klutz. Sucks to be her.

NOTE: It looks like A.J. is the Diva that Michael Cole will be picking on all season...after all, he must single one person out. A.J. seems to be somewhat of an Internet darling -- at least compared to the other rookies. And of course, she's the smallest of the rookies, so Cole stays consistent on that front as well (see Daniel Bryan and Kaval from past seasons; they were also the smallest rookies in their respective seasons).

Rookie Diva Challenge Wins as of 9/7/10:
Naomi: 2 (Dancing, Capture the Flag)
A.J.: 0
Aksana: 0
Jamie: 0
Kaitlyn: 0
Maxine: 0

Diva Introductions:
Kaitlyn: Second time worse than the first time; both were awful. F
Aksana: At least she speaks better English than Kozlov. D
Maxine: I liked this one...at least she has a gimmick. C+
A.J.: Yawn. D-
Jamie: Sounded too canned a speech. D+
Naomi: Attitude and fight. Not bad. C

Dancing Challenge Notes:
Michael Cole dressed like an idiot for this and danced worse than he dressed.
I envied Tony Chimel.
Josh Matthews was horrible.
Naomi won pretty much by default. Good stuff that my body could never do.
I booed loud when Striker wanted a fan reaction for Michael Cole. I laughed at Cole and Josh taking shots at Chimel and at each other.

First elimination in four weeks. The Rookie Diva with the most challenges won will be immune from elimination.

Capture the Flag Challenge Notes:
Yeah, you know this is a Divas competition when we have two challenges on one show.

No surprise that Naomi won again. She's clearly the most athletic of the Rookie Divas, and definitely the frontrunner to win. She's got a great look and already got the backing of a lot of fans, so I wouldn't be surprised to see her on the roster regardless of what happens.

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