Monday, September 27, 2010

9/27/10 RAW

The Miz & Alex Riley vs. John Morrison & Daniel Bryan: *1/4

Divas Battle Royal: DUD

The Great Khali vs. Sheamus: N/A

John Cena vs. Edge: *3/4

Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater vs. Mark Henry & Evan Bourne: *

Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre vs. Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith (Tag Team Titles): 3/4*

Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho: **3/4

OK. I have no idea why John Morrison all of a sudden became part of this U.S. Title equation. I also have no clue why it must be a "submissions count anywhere" match. We don't need any more players in this feud, and we don't need any gimmick matches yet. DB vs. Miz in a rematch is just fine on its own. In any event, I believe DB must retain the U.S. Title on Sunday to keep any sort of credibility going. He's been embarrassed by Miz two weeks in a row, and even if DB needs to pull out a "fluke" win, as Cole calls it, let it be.

Another gripe: is WWE really thinking of breaking up the Hart Dynasty? I know it's premature based off what we saw tonight, but to break up this team is completely wrong. I cannot see DH Smith make it on his own right now as a singles star. Tyson Kidd has potential, but it is a way's away.

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