Tuesday, June 1, 2010

6/1/10 NXT (Season 1 Finale)

Wade Barrett vs. Justin Gabriel vs. David Otunga (Elimination): **1/4

Here are the results of the fifth Pro's Poll taken after the triple threat match:
Wade Barrett
David Otunga
Justin Gabriel (eliminated)

Justin Gabriel was eliminated from NXT with a record of 7-4. Quite frankly, I was shocked with the decision. Otunga did not look like he belonged in that triple threat match. Meanwhile, Gabriel impressed me yet again in the ring. And you know, for a guy that seemed pretty lost on the mic in challenges, Gabriel did a respectable job when cutting his farewell promo.

Here are the results of the sixth Pro's Poll taken at the end of the night to determine the winner of NXT:
Wade Barrett
David Otunga (eliminated)

And no surprise here. Wade Barrett wins NXT after a talk-off where he basically had the better promo from the start. Barrett has the entire package; let's see if this leads to a great WWE career. Should be interesting to see who he decides to use his title shot against (good for any future PPV). Congratulations to Wade Barrett for winning Season 1 of NXT!

Here are the final official records of the remaining NXT rookies:
Wade Barrett: 8-5
Justin Gabriel: 7-4
David Otunga: 6-5

And finally, the NXT Season 2 Pros and Rookies:

Pro: Cody Rhodes --> Rookie: Husky Harris
Pro: John Morrison --> Rookie: Eli Cottonwood
Pro: MVP --> Rookie: Percy Watson
Pro: Zack Ryder --> Rookie: Titus O'Neil
Pro: Michelle McCool & Layla --> Rookie: Kaval
Pro: Mark Henry --> Rookie: Lucky Cannon
Pro: Kofi Kingston --> Rookie: Michael McGillicutty
Pro: The Miz --> Rookie: Alex Riley

Kaval FTW! Not really caring right now about the other rookies. And who the hell made Zack Ryder a pro?! Or Cody Rhodes for that matter? LayCool mentoring Kaval? That will be something. And Alex Riley? He looks like a cross between Miz and Matt Striker.

Season 2 starts next week!

For the Pro's Poll next season, the pros get 50 percent of the vote, while the WWE Universe gets the other 50 percent. That seems pretty fair to me.

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