Tuesday, March 30, 2010

3/30/10 NXT

Matt Hardy, CM Punk, R-Truth, & Wade Barrett vs. Christian, The Miz, William Regal, & Carlito: **1/4

NXT Rookie Battle Royal: *1/2

The NXT rookie rankings on the first Pro's Poll:
Daniel Bryan
Wade Barrett
Justin Gabriel
Heath Slater
David Otunga
Skip Sheffield
Michael Tarver
Darren Young

Interesting that they had Daniel Bryan at #1 already. Frankly, I would have had him around where they had David Otunga (#5), but we'll see what becomes of this. I also like that they will eventually start cutting people. Maybe this may lead to better matches because then WWE will not have to worry about getting all these rookies air time?

Here are the rookie's records as of 3/30/10:
David Otunga: 4-1
Heath Slater: 4-1
Justin Gabriel: 3-2
Darren Young: 3-2
Wade Barrett: 3-3
Skip Sheffield: 0-4
Michael Tarver: 0-4
Daniel Bryan: 0-6

Basically, you get another loss if you don't win the battle royal. David Otunga won the battle royal and will guest host Monday Night RAW next week. Wade Barrett saw action twice tonight and went 1-1.

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