Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3/23/10 NXT

Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel vs. Wade Barrett & Skip Sheffield: *1/2

David Otunga & Darren Young vs. Daniel Bryan & Michael Tarver: *3/4

Here are the rookie's records as of 3/23/10:
Heath Slater: 4-0
Justin Gabriel: 3-1
David Otunga: 3-1
Darren Young: 3-1
Wade Barrett: 2-2
Skip Sheffield: 0-3
Michael Tarver: 0-3
Daniel Bryan: 0-5

Factors WWE pros will use when evaluating rookies:
(1) Win/loss record
(2) Strength of opponent
(3) Work ethic
(4) "It" factor

Win/loss record: Heath Slater (4-0) and Justin Gabriel (3-1)

Strength of opponent: May go to Daniel Bryan (faced Chris Jericho and The Great Khali in separate weeks; also faced Wade Barrett with the rib injury)

Work ethic: Seems up in the air from what I have seen on TV, but it could go to Justin Gabriel. Another person people "could" see is Daniel Bryan.

"It" factor: Based solely on what I have seen from the rookies on TV, my frontrunners are David Otunga, Justin Gabriel, and Daniel Bryan.

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