Tuesday, June 30, 2009

WWE Tri-Brand Trade

There was a 15-superstar "trade" that took place recently, with each of the three WWE brands getting five superstars each:

Going to RAW:
Alicia Fox (from Smackdown)
Evan Bourne (from ECW)
Jack Swagger (from ECW)
Mark Henry (from ECW)
Gail Kim (from Smackdown)

Going to ECW:
Brie Bella (from Smackdown)
Nikki Bella (from Smackdown)
Goldust (from RAW)
Shelton Benjamin (from Smackdown)
William Regal (from RAW)

Going to Smackdown:
David Hart Smith (from ECW)
Natalya (from ECW)
Tyson Kidd (from ECW)
Finlay (from ECW)
Matt Hardy (from RAW)

Alicia Fox and Gail Kim being sent to RAW could possibly help freshen the Divas title mix. However, at the same time, I fear that the roster will be too overloaded with them. The thought of seeing Gail moved to RAW is nice to see because this is a place where she can now contend for a title, rather than being overshadowed by Michelle McCool and Melina on Smackdown.

I like Bourne's move to RAW. He has become very popular with the fans and deserves to be on WWE's flagship program. He could likely contend for the United States belt in the future.

I am not too sure about Swagger's or Henry's move to RAW...at least for now. There is always the impending return of Shawn Michaels to help balance this out. Henry's appearance on RAW seemed to tease a possible face turn, but I would likely guess him staying a heel for the time being. On the other hand, I can see a Swagger/HBK feud, as this could really do wonders for the All-American American's career.

Bellas to ECW? Good move. They are pretty much just eye candy right now anyway, at least in the manner WWE uses them.

Goldust to ECW? Who cares, he is just being used for comedy relief anyway.

Shelton to ECW could be a good move. Expect him to have a run (or a few runs) as ECW champion.

William Regal to ECW should work out. He is one tough dude that can wrestle and can dish out punishment. He should be in the running for the ECW belt as well.

The Hart Dynasty's move to Smackdown should only boost the quality of the program and further skyrocket the trio's exposure. Expect a program with the Colons to develop; that will be an excellent feud if it does materialize.

Finlay to Smackdown is a decent move. It keeps him away from Hornswoggle, which is nice. I see him chasing the IC belt, but no higher. Now if he could only go back to his heel theme....

Matt Hardy to Smackdown is pure gold. I'd like the Hardys feud to continue, but Jeff is already in a program with Punk. Also, the rest of the Smackdown Six is currently feuding somehow with one another (or, in Edge and Jericho's case, together as a tag team). Perhaps Matt Hardy vs. Finlay as a feud for now?

As a note, with the Undertaker scheduled to return later this year, the Smackdown Six should break up and move on to other feuds, but we'll see what happens.

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