Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Bash Predictions

Here are my predictions for The Bash, with possible ratings in parentheses:

Dolph Ziggler vs. The Great Khali (No DQ): Ziggler has gotten the best of Khali the past few weeks, so it only seems logical that Khali goes over here. However, WWE has given Ziggler new music (which I think is crappy) and increased air time, so that also needs to be taken into account. Would WWE make Ziggler, a person who needs the win a lot more, lose to a Punjabi giant? Frankly, Ziggler needs to move on to his next opponent by now. I pick Dolph here. Winner: Dolph Ziggler (1/2*)

John Cena vs. The Miz: Cena has still yet to pin Miz or make him submit in this latest feud. I like how WWE is pushing Miz as a brash, cocky person, getting all the heat. In the meantime, Cena, who has been either cheered a lot or booed depending on who he faces, has mostly been cheered during this time. Good work, Miz. Seeing that Miz has scored a few wins (cheap ones) over Cena and got in another cheap shot on RAW - and also seeing that this is a PPV - Cena is winning here. Winner: John Cena (**)

Michelle McCool vs. Melina (Women's Title): This has all the makings to actually be a watchable Divas match. First off, let's examine who we have on the Smackdown roster right now for Divas. We currently have two heels (McCool and Alicia Fox) and five faces (Melina, Maria, Eve, Gail Kim, and Layla - who seemingly turned face last week). Someone has to turn heel soon, and I'd vote for Maria to do the turn to freshen this division up. In the meantime, seeing this imbalance, I'd put the belt on McCool and hope for another good feud to start up...McCool vs. Gail Kim, anyone? Winner: Michelle McCool (new champ) (*1/2)

Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase vs. Primo & Carlito (Unified Tag Team Titles): The Colons are definitely over right now, so they really don't need the belts. On the other hand, Legacy could continue to cement themselves as a dominant force by winning here. My money is on Legacy. Winner: Legacy (new champs) (**1/2)

Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho (Mask vs IC Title): I'm going out on a limb here and saying this will be the match of the night. The feud has been very well done, the second straight year that Jericho has had a great, long-term feud. I doubt WWE is willing to go through with having Rey being unmasked for the rest of his WWE career, especially considering his masks sell like hotcakes. I also don't see WWE dodging this like how they did a DQ finish with Kane vs. Mysterio a while back. I see a clear winner and it's Rey. Winner: Rey Mysterio (new champ) (****1/4)

Jack Swagger vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Mark Henry vs. Finlay vs. Christian (ECW Championship Scramble): Some good names in here, but I would have loved Evan Bourne to get his name in here as well. Twenty minutes with these five names might work, but I'm not holding my breath. I picture one of two scenarios: Swagger gets screwed at the last minute by someone else, or Swagger screws someone over at the last second and wins the ECW Title. Given how WWE has made Swagger look like the "I was screwed" person over the last few months, I think they pull the trigger and put the belt back on him now. Winner: Jack Swagger (new champ) (**3/4)

CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy (World Heavyweight Title): This has been a decent feud so far, considering it's only a few weeks old. I cannot see Punk losing the belt this quickly, and instead see him holding onto the belt for a while. Edge has been banged up with injuries and I would actually elevate Punk to a full-fledged heel and allow Edge to take more time off. I see Punk stealing the win after several near falls and a couple of false finishes. This could have match-of-the-night potential. Winner: CM Punk (still champ) (***3/4)

Randy Orton vs. Triple H (Three Stages of Hell; for WWE Title): Normal rules, then falls count anywhere, and then a Stretcher Match. It's pretty much a given that this thing is gonna go the full three falls. I'd have HHH win the first fall, then Orton steals the second. Third fall sounds like it'll be an asskicking where Legacy somehow gets involved. This is my other pick for match of the night - if done right. Winner: Randy Orton (still champ) (****)

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