Thursday, December 11, 2008

Final Resolution; WWE news

I thought Final Resolution was a decent show, but nothing to really get giddy over. The best match for me was clearly the Feast or Fired match because there were a bunch of big spots (easy to do when you have a dozen or so wrestlers) and the match was simply meant to be a chaotic one. I would think Curry Man is getting the pink slip after he won one of the cases last night. I was hoping BG James would win a case and get the pink slip because he has been hardly used and he has been mainly working as a road agent the last few months. In any event, Jay Lethal's case gave him a tag team title shot for the future, and we'll find out what the other cases hold tonight.

If Curry Man does indeed get the pink slip, could this signal a return for Christopher Daniels?

The Knockouts impressed me with some decent ring work last Sunday. I was certainly impressed with Hemme's work against the much-larger Awesome Kong. I just wish any interference did not happen, or we would have had a very good match on our hands. The initial interference from Saeed and Khan made no real sense anyway. Why would Kong need ANY help in dispatching a much smaller opponent, even if Hemme was putting up a good fight? As is my usual mantra, the match ratings dip when interference occurs, unless we have the very rare circumstance where it doesn't really detract much from the match (and actually enhances the quality of the match, like the TLC match at WrestleMania X-Seven).

I was also impressed with the X-Division Title match between Eric Young and Sheik Abdul Bashir. We may have finally seen the last of Shane Sewell as a full-time referee, and he should be making the transition to in-ring wrestler soon to feud with Bashir. At least that's what I think will happen, but we'll see tonight.

The Kurt Angle match was good, but it didn't wow me like previous Angle matches. I did like the eight-man tag because the right people were given the longest to shine and carry the match. Eventually, the Front Line will need to start pulling off more victories, but that should come relatively soon.

Kurt Angle has been telling friends and family that he wants to go back to WWE because he has been unhappy with the TNA creative situation. The good news for Angle is that WWE would welcome Angle back despite Angle's negative comments about WWE in the past - after Angle had debuted in TNA. WWE would put Angle on a limited schedule similar to what Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker have. Naturally, Angle would be a main eventer.

Christian Cage is likely to jump to WWE as well, further concentrating the main event card if so. Christian would at least be a high-midcard wrestler, likely lost in the shuffle if WWE brought him in. It does remain to be seen if Christian does return to WWE, but Edge, his real-life best friend and former tag partner, has been one of the people urging WWE to bring Christian back.

And now on to a ton of WWE news:

WWE Armageddon is this Sunday. I wholeheartedly expect Jeff Hardy to walk away with the WWE Title this time. It's been teased for months now about Hardy coming so close and yet so far, and with probably some other person lined up to win the Royal Rumble, this would be a perfect way to add some sizzle to what would otherwise be an average card.

I am looking forward to seeing the IC Tournament Final between Mysterio and Punk to see who faces Regal for the belt. Punk had a great match with John Morrison this past Monday and we should hopefully see much of the same on Sunday. I wonder if Punk will be focusing much of his attack on Mysterio's arm, "injured" after falling off the ramp and getting beaten on by Mike Knox (and then Miz working on it for a bit of the match later in the night).

Belfast Brawl between Finlay and Mark Henry will either be passable or will really suck. I have not really been a fan of Mark Henry's ring work, but his work in skits has been good. With the way Henry treated Tony Atlas in a skit on ECW, look for Henry to branch off on his own soon.

The ECW title match is doomed to be a repeat of the WWE Title match at Survivor Series. Matt Hardy might be one of the more popular wrestlers in the company, but Kozlov's style can be very slow and too methodical. If you didn't catch the Kozlov/HHH match at Survivor Series, you didn't miss much. If you did see it, you know what I mean. Kozlov only has a limited moveset (even worse than Cena's used to be), so I don't think this match will be getting a good rating from me.

Batista vs. Randy Orton has been hyped, but not very well. They have faced each other before several years ago, but the focal point of this encounter is to further the alliance between Orton and Team Priceless. The reasoning is that if Orton and Priceless take out a big name in Batista, that will help solidify the combination that much more. Batista has a chance to win this match, given the events on RAW, but even so, I would look for a gang beatdown at the end. In any case, Team Priceless should be interfering in this one.

The World Title match between John Cena and Chris Jericho should be another main-event caliber match, but I don't see a title change again. With the belt changing hands a few times in the past 2-3 months (including at Survivor Series), it would cheapen the belt to see a title change here. But who knows, with Jericho winning the Superstar of the Year Slammy award, it would make sense to put the gold back on him and have him gloat more. Jericho is by far the best heel on RAW, in my opinion.

I have no idea where this storyline between Shawn Michaels and JBL is headed. There has to be more to this one, but I just don't see anything yet. Of course, HBK will have to become fed up with JBL's antics at some point, but we'll have to wait and see on how this one pans out.

Speaking of JBL, the report on him getting punched out by Joey Styles on the overseas tour was hilarious. Sure, JBL was apparently intoxicated at the time, but given JBL's history of ribbing people, he deserved that one. JBL had apparently gotten Lilian Garcia earlier in the tour when Lilian was caught sleeping and JBL dumped ice water on her. As a note, the unwritten rule on the overseas tour is you cannot sleep on the flight over there.

Reports are coming out that Victoria is planning to retire soon. I think that's a shame, considering that Victoria is one of the few divas on the roster who can actually put on a good match. Victoria's Widow's Peak finisher is one of the best-looking finishers, man or woman, in WWE. I would hope WWE thinks of giving her one final run - as a Divas champion. The Smackdown brand should still be in good hands with the likes of Natalya, Michelle McCool (her in-ring work has drastically improved), and the returning Gail Kim (likely re-debuting early next year).

What is up with WWE banning another move? This time, McCool's Wings of Love finisher has been axed, seemingly because it looks too much like Awesome Kong's Implant Buster finisher. I don't know if that's the right reason for the ban, but the only other reason I can see is its likely chance that it injures another diva. According to McCool herself, she has apparently debuted a new finisher that has not been seen on camera yet, so that'll be something to take note of.

Hurricane Helms made his long-awaited return to Smackdown, debuting new music and longer hair. Helms defeated MVP, extending MVP's losing streak. Maybe Helms will try a run for the U.S. Title, but could we see the Cruiserweight belt come back? Who knows. I would think bringing back the Cruiserweight Title gives guys like The Brian Kendrick more time on TV. Hell, a match between Helms and Kendrick would be great for TV.

MVP's losing streak is now at 19 matches after his loss to Charlie Haas and his "MVC" impersonation of MVP. The word going around is that the losing streak is meant to test MVP to see if he is intent on staying with the company. The last few guys to be brought in with huge pushes, like Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley, bolted after WWE had made them world champions. I beg to differ that this is to set up a storyline purpose. I can see this losing streak as a way to make MVP take his job "more seriously" and to quit being that showboating star. Eventually, he should rise to the occasion and truly become the most valuable player on the roster next year.

Fear not, Mickie James fans. Mickie is working through a shoulder injury right now, but should heal up fine for next year.

Melina made her return to RAW the other week, a much-needed boost to the Women's division. Melina's new finishing move, a sunset flip powerbomb, is dubbed "Last Call." I really like the move; it's flashy and innovative, fit for her gimmick. The skits between Melina and Glamerella have been hilarious. Add Goldust into the mix and you really have a chaotic situation. Keep it up, WWE.

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