Sunday, December 28, 2008

12/26/08 Smackdown

Star rating key:
(negative stars) = Bathroom break; should not be on TV
DUD = Fit for TV, but a big letdown
1/4* to 3/4* = It had watchable moments.
* to *3/4 = Average match.
** to **3/4 = Above-average match.
*** to ***3/4 = Great match; usually saved for PPVs
**** to ****3/4 = Match-of-the-year candidate
***** = The rarest of all matches. A classic.

12/26/08 Smackdown:
Triple H vs. Chavo Guerrero: 1/2* (Sorry Chavo, Eddie's trick doesn't really work too well with HHH.)

Shelton Benjamin vs. Hurricane Helms (U.S. Title): ***1/4

Carlito vs. The Brian Kendrick: *1/2

Maryse vs. Michelle McCool (Divas Title): **1/4 (McCool delivered a lot of the offense. Nice to see a Canadian win the title in her home country. It clears the way for McCool to fully turn heel and feud with Maria.)

The Great Khali vs. MVP: DUD

Vladimir Kozlov vs. Jimmy Wang Yang: -*** (Squash match.)

Jeff Hardy vs. The Big Show: **

Ratings for the next few days will likely be delayed, as I am in Maui and computer access will be limited.

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