Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wrestling rumors

From what I have read, WWE has plans to make Michelle McCool a full-fledged heel in the near future. The seeds have already been planted, if you have been keeping up with Smackdown. Several weeks ago, McCool took a verbal shot at Maria behind Maria's back when getting all dolled up in the back. Also note in some of the matches with Maria how McCool has acted.

This might also coincide with Gail Kim's return to WWE. WWE apparently has plans for Gail to star on the Smackdown brand. So it seems Gail will be a face upon her return. I have no idea if they will use her little gimmick that she used during her first run with the company a couple years back, but that gimmick wasn't too bad. To me, what was horrid the first time around was the way WWE brought in Gail Kim. WWE should have used vignettes to introduce her to the fans. In any event, it didn't matter, as Kim's debut match (and a few matches after that) were sloppy. Hopefully, WWE will learn from that - even though she is more well-known now anyway.

I would like to see a Victoria/Natalya feud. These two can wrestle, so WWE might be able to pull a three-star match out of it if they do it right. But it's I'm not expecting it.

Jack Swagger is doing well for himself on ECW. His Extreme Rules match with Tommy Dreamer was quite impressive. I am just a bit concerned with Swagger wanting to go after Matt Hardy and his ECW title so quickly. But I guess with very little standing in Swagger's way (other notable names appear to be preoccupied with one another), then I guess Swagger is next in line.

DJ Gabriel is an interesting character. His character should make him more of a face, but I think fans are still trying to figure out who the hell he is first. That's the disadvantage with not introducing a character properly...the crowd reaction sucks in the early going because fans just don't know you. But hey, it never stopped John Cena when he made his debut in 2002.

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