Monday, November 10, 2008

11/10/08 RAW

Star rating key:
(negative stars) = Bathroom break; should not be on TV
DUD = Fit for TV, but a big letdown
1/4* to 3/4* = It had watchable moments.
* to *3/4 = Average match.
** to **3/4 = Above-average match.
*** to ***3/4 = Great match; usually saved for PPVs
**** to ****3/4 = Match-of-the-year candidate
***** = The rarest of all matches. A classic.

11/10/08 RAW:
William Regal vs. Santino Marella (IC Title): Nice pops for Regal in his home country. The match, however, stunk because it was short and anticlimactic. DUD

Mike Knox vs. D'Lo Brown: Squash match. Bathroom break time. -***

Rey Mysterio vs. Kane (No DQ Match): Nice action to start. Rey with a nice moonsault off the railing. Sick move by Kane whipping Rey arm-first into the railing. Kane showed his power game and attacked Rey's arm. Nice counters by Rey. Very enjoyable match. **3/4

Batista vs. Cody Rhodes: It was supposed to be Batista facing Randy Orton, but Cody wanted to face Batista instead. It was a respectable effort, but the crowd was pretty indifferent. 1/2*

Beth Phoenix vs. Mickie James (Women's Title): Too much Santino interference. Crowd indifferent. Overall performance was junk. Crappy finish. -*

Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels (Last Man Standing Match): WWE gave this quite a bit of time for free TV, which I like. This is clearly the best feud currently going on, and apparently it will culminate tonight. Great action from these two yet again, as they brawled on the stage for a good part of the match. They made good use of the car and the mailbox on the stage. Using the camera was nice. And naturally, what's an HBK match without a ladder? Nice broken announce table spot. JBL's interference helping Jericho win was a bit disappointing to see, but it still gets a good rating. ***1/2

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