Monday, September 1, 2008

9/1/08 RAW

Star rating key:
(negative stars) = Huh?! (BS finish; most squash matches)
DUD = Boring match (or could not enjoy the match)
1/4* to 3/4* = It had watchable moments.
* to *3/4 = Average match.
** to **3/4 = Above average match.
*** to ***3/4 = Great match; usually saved for PPVs
**** to ****3/4 = Match of the year candidate
***** = The rarest of all matches. A classic.

9/1/08 RAW:
Kofi Kingston vs. Charlie Haas: So Haas is dressed as Cena this week. Good grief. Kofi pretty much got all the offense in, while Haas was there just to draw laughs. This match was better off as a dark match. I won't be as harsh because the fans loved it and I was somewhat entertained for a little while. DUD

Mark Henry vs. Matt Hardy vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Finlay vs. The Miz (5-man ECW Battle Royal): The five men involved in the ECW Championship Scramble at Unforgiven took part in this match. I like battle royals because there is usually a ton of action. However, this one was just short and meant to showcase Henry's dominance. Nice near-elimination spots from Finlay and Miz. Henry looked strong eliminating everyone, giving him tremendous momentum going into Unforgiven. *

Jamie Noble vs. William Regal: Impressive suplexes and throws from Regal, but this was more about Noble finally impressing Layla and continuing that storyline. Quick inside cradle from Noble gets him the win. Layla makes some funny faces when seeing the carnage in the ring. -**

Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, & Candice Michelle vs. Jillian, Katie Lea, & Beth Phoenix: Candice Michelle makes her return to the ring after a broken clavicle (and a re-broken clavicle earlier this year). All the divas put in some nice spots, but it was Candice who definitely left the lasting impression. Nice cross-body from Candice, great counter by Beth, and an even better counter to that by Candice for the win. *1/2

Santino Marella vs. D-Lo Brown: A couple of good moves from D-Lo. D-Lo then misses a Lo-Down and Santino gets the win. How lame a finish is that? -***

The Miz & John Morrison vs. Cryme Tyme: Nice brawl outside the ring to start. Before you think Miz really pulls double duty tonight, Rhodes and DiBiase come out, beat up Cryme Tyme, and take their belts back. Basically, we didn't even have a match, so no rating here. N/A

Batista vs. JBL vs. CM Punk vs. Kane (4-man RAW Battle Royal): Four of the five men involved in the RAW Championship Scramble at Unforgiven took part in this one. The injured Randy Orton was at ringside; he had been put on the show because RAW took place in St. Louis tonight. A much slower match because the men involved are not as agile as the ECW combatants. Punk eliminates Batista and JBL without much of a fight. Good battle between Kane and Punk. Kane needed a couple tries to get Punk over, but Kane won. Punk fired the first shot between him and Orton in a staredown. Rey Mysterio then came out to a huge pop and showcased some of his moves on Kane. Looks like Mysterio lost some weight and is in much better shape than a couple months ago. *1/4

Yes, the Divas match was, in my opinion, the best of the night. Typical WWE to do this right before the PPV.

Reports have surfaced that Shawn Michaels suffered a triceps tear during Monday Night RAW. Obviously this puts the "Unsanctioned" bout between the two in big time jeopardy. Reports also say that HBK wants to work the match, but even if he does go through with it, I will no longer expect a 5-star match. Very unfortunate to have this happen, especially with Cena out for about three months. If the news really is this bad, HBK would be out even longer than Cena.

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