Saturday, August 30, 2008

8/29/08 Smackdown

Star rating key:
(negative stars) = Huh?! (BS finish; most squash matches)
DUD = Boring match (or could not enjoy the match)
1/4* to 3/4* = It had watchable moments.
* to *3/4 = Average match.
** to **3/4 = Above average match.
*** to ***3/4 = Great match; usually saved for PPVs
**** to ****3/4 = Match of the year candidate
***** = The rarest of all matches. A classic.

8/29/08 Smackdown:
R-Truth vs. Kenny Dykstra: Nice to see Ron Killings back in WWE with an interesting gimmick. Obviously just short victory here just to get momentum for R-Truth. Some very impressive moves from R-Truth. Axe kick for the finisher...with a little corkscrew action. R-Truth should get a very nice push. Fans loved the short match, which boosted the rating a little more. 1/2*

Maryse & Natalya vs. Michelle McCool & Maria: Good moves from everyone in the match. Maria really made Maryse's finishing DDT look great. Finish was abrupt and out of left field for me. Fans seemed disinterested, and I was for the most part. DUD

Jeff Hardy vs. MVP: Just tremendous buildup for the matches in this feud; probably only surpassed among current feuds by the HBK/Y2J feud. This was the best match of the night. Excellent execution of basic wrestling moves and counters. I liked how MVP went after Hardy's leg, but Hardy went after MVP's arm. We also got the usual, exciting Jeff Hardy offense. MVP came back with great moves and utilized the ringpost very well to go after Jeff's back. MVP really knows how to deliver devastating kicks. MVP's release belly-to-belly suplex reminded me a bit of Kurt Angle's great matches. Jeff went for the Whisper in the Wind and took a SICK fall, landing on his neck. Outstanding back-and-forth action. ***3/4

Jesse & Festus vs. Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins: Festus is just so entertaining to watch. And basically that's all the offense we saw because Big Show came out and cleaned house. For me, that match was just a waste of two minutes to introduce two tag teams. Probably the only reason I didn't give this a negative five-star rating was because the crowd loved the beatdown and Show's promo. -****

Brie Bella vs. Victoria: Brie, Smackdown's newest Diva, makes her on-screen debut against a ring veteran. Unique snap mare from Brie. Crowd was very dead except for Victoria's backbreaker on Brie. Nice inside cradle by Brie for the win, but more bad than good in this one. It was very clear that Brie is green right now and still learning. -**

Triple H vs. Shelton Benjamin: Great basic wrestling at the beginning; very quick pace. Both men showcased exceptional rest holds. Shelton focused well on the neck and head of HHH. What a counter by Shelton countering the suplex into a neckbreaker. The last five minutes were excellent. If Khali didn't show up at the end of the match, I would have given it the same rating as the Hardy match. ***1/2

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