Thursday, June 28, 2007

Benoit death

Well, the latest on the death of Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy, and son Daniel is a shocking one. Investigators believe Chris killed his wife and son (strangulation and smothering, respectively), placing Bibles near both bodies, then hanging himself using a weight machine pulley in his weight room. There were steroids found in the Benoit home, although they were legally prescribed to Chris. Chris' doctor had seen the former WWE superstar on the Friday before he died, and said nothing was out of the ordinary. At least one WWE person was talking with Chris via cell phone as late as 6:13 Saturday evening. Text messages sent to fellow co-workers (using Chris' and Nancy's phones) show Chris Benoit may have been alive as late as 3:58 Sunday morning, with five text messages being sent out, all with Benoit's Georgia address.

Toxicology reports won't be in for several weeks, but I will say this: while a bunch of people have seemingly turned on Chris Benoit for allegedly killing his wife and son, I refuse to let such a tragedy mar my feelings about the former world heavyweight champion. Chris Benoit will always be viewed by me as one of the greatest technical wrestlers of his generation, and maybe of all time. Even if it is fully revealed that Chris killed his wife and son, I will still remember Benoit for his wrestling talent, not for a crime.

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