Sunday, March 3, 2013

Semi-Retirement for Wrestling Blog

Hey everyone, I have recently accepted a full-time job, which means this wrestling blog will finally get sent to the backburner. I know I've said it several times before, but at least for now, I really mean it, especially as my food blog and YouTube channel would otherwise take up my remaining free time.

People might call this a semi-retirement, but I still plan to at least watch pro wrestling when I can. If a good match comes up, I'll try to blog about it here on the weekends, perhaps attempt to do some type of a "Week in Review" thing. I'm not sure how many people even read this dang blog anyway, but it's been awesome doing wrestling ratings for nearly five years (plus a couple of personal posts in 2007).

If you like food or seeing a guy doing crazy stuff, I'll be a bit more active there. Hope to see you around in the future!


Unknown said...

:( Very sad to see. You'll be soarely missed by me atleast

Unknown said...

You'll be soarely misseed by me at least :'(

Aaron said...

Thanks, Rob. At this time, I still hope to post a weekly recap of sorts. :-)

Paul Ford said...

Nooooo, hope to at least see your PPV ratings. Even if you can't write as much, still would love to see your ratings.