Sunday, February 13, 2011

2/13/11 Against All Odds

Kazarian vs. Robbie E. (X-Division Title): Generation Me couldn't make it to the PPV due to travel issues, so Robbie E. apparently won via default (officially countout), so Kazarian (now a face through Fortune) says title match is now. Not a bad match, but nothing too special, in my book. *1/2

Scott Steiner, James Storm, & Robert Roode vs. Rob Terry, Gunner, & Murphy: Not a bad match; it played to the strengths of each man -- if there was any. Beer Money did most of the dirty work. Thought the Frankensteiner was a nice way to end it. *3/4

Samoa Joe vs. D'Angelo Dinero: Again, I wasn't really too happy with this one. Good moves here and there, but the finish seemed so abrupt. Need more time to get a better rating from me. *1/2

Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James (Last Knockout Standing; Knockouts Title): A match that had its physical moments, but I'm not a fan of the finish. Mickie needs the win more than Madison right now. the screwy finish might lead to one more match (probably at the next PPV), and Mickie should win that one. *3/4

Rob Van Dam vs. Matt Hardy: I thought it was a fairly solid contest here. Good counters, nice moves hit, couple of good near falls. **3/4

Bully Ray vs. Brother Devon (Street Fight): I thought it was very good for the violence, crowd reaction, and the storyline. Looks like the feud continues after tonight's post-match actions. **1/2

Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle: I loved this match. It had the emotions, the storyline, the drama, and most importantly, the wrestling.entertainment. It was fairly obvious to a lot of people that Jarrett would win; the vows would be on TV, the custody of kids would not. All about TV, people. ***3/4

Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson (Ladder; World Title): Very nice physical ladder match. Not sure if I agree with Hardy winning back the title. Finish was not really my favorite. There was no shenanigans either, a fairly clean win. ***1/4

MVPs: Jeff Hardy wins back his world title!

Overall Rating: The PPV started off quite lackluster, but starting with the RVD/Matt Hardy match, things started to pick up rather nicely. The proper matches were saved for last. **3/4

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