Wednesday, July 28, 2010

7/27/10 NXT

Percy Watson vs. Zack Ryder: 3/4*

Michael McGillicutty vs. Eli Cottonwood: 1/2*

Husky Harris vs. Kaval: *

I decided to grade the rookies this week (scale of A+ to F) on their topic, which was to talk about anything they wanted, except for why they should not be eliminated:

Lucky Cannon (friends): WTF. Fail. A guy named nobody? Give me a break. F
Eli Cottonwood (eyes): Better than Lucky, but not by much. Still horrible. D
Husky Harris (husky): Very nice promo. Loved the Tarzan/Jane reference. B+
Kaval (dreams): Lo-Ki! Yes! Not bad, but he needs way more than that. C+
Michael McGillicutty (Poking at Miz): Just started talking and went after Miz. Meh. C-
Alex Riley (Starbucks): Very good overall, but he only got in Starbucks after the buzzer. B-
Percy Watson (Having a good time): Talked too much and too fast for me. C

Here are the official NXT rookie's records as of 7/27/10:
Michael McGillicutty: 5-0
Alex Riley: 3-2
Husky Harris: 3-2
Eli Cottonwood: 2-2
Percy Watson: 2-3
Lucky Cannon: 2-4
Kaval: 1-4

Results of the second NXT Poll:
Michael McGillicutty
Alex Riley
Percy Watson
Lucky Cannon
Husky Harris
Eli Cottonwood (eliminated)

I agree with McGillicutty being first. He's got the perfect record, he's not bad on the mic, and he's got confidence.

Kaval dropping one spot to second is still fine with me. He's clearly got the backing of the fans, and obviously this means Michael Cole must hate him (just like he did with Daniel Bryan). At least Kaval got one win so far.

Alex Riley, in my opinion, should be second. He's a very good talker and can continue to improve in the ring.

Percy Watson in fourth, a two-spot drop from the last poll. This seems about right to me. Great athleticism and high energy, but I don't care for him talking a million miles per hour.

How Lucky Cannon is fifth, I have no clue. He must be lucky. I would have gotten rid of him instead of Eli this week.

Husky Harris should be at least a couple spots higher, but the votes of the WWE Universe brought him down the ladder for sure.

Eli Cottonwood was eliminated Tuesday night with a record of 2-2. Although I preferred Lucky to go, I still agree with this decision, really because he was not impressing me at all. He was boring, for crying out loud.

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