Friday, November 6, 2009

11/6/09 Smackdown

Dolph Ziggler, Tyson Kidd, & David Hart Smith vs. John Morrison, Shad, & JTG: *3/4

Beth Phoenix vs. Brittany Carter: DUD

Drew McIntyre vs. Jimmy Wang Yang: DUD

Rey Mysterio vs. Mike Knox: **1/4

R-Truth vs. CM Punk: *3/4

Matt Hardy vs. Batista: **1/4

Mickie James calling Layla "Scary Spice" = win

I'm not sure what the deal with Scott Armstrong and CM Punk goes from here. I don't know if I want it to be a full-blown feud spanning months, even though Armstrong can wrestle. If it's just a bunch of ref harassment and ref revenge stuff each week, it'll get old very fast. It's still fine to me for now, but I can't see this going much further.

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