Saturday, July 4, 2009

Edge injured at SD house show

Reports have surfaced confirming that Edge suffered a torn Achilles' heel during his match against Jeff Hardy at a live event in San Diego. The match was only about five minutes old, with just around a minute of actual wrestling, before Edge went down. The ref immediately stopped the match. This is certainly real, as Edge reportedly grabbed a microphone and said "Sorry" to the fans, something that a heel would not normally do in character.

Edge is expected to be out until next year.

Obviously, this should mean that the unified tag team titles will be going to another team in the near future, and sources indicate Legacy (Rhodes/DiBiase) are next in line.

Edge was already working while substantially banged up (which is why he was paired with Chris Jericho in the first place). This should free Jericho up to resume a singles feud with Mysterio or move on to another feud (John Morrison, perhaps?). Regardless, Edge's injury is a tremendous blow for the Smackdown roster.

So much for the Smackdown Six now. Ugh.

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